Tell the Board of Supervisors: Save Rassawek!

Rassawek is located at the fork of the Rivanna and James Rivers in modern-day Virginia and was the historical capital of the Monacan Indian Nation, the town to which all others in the Monacan Confederacy paid tribute. Today the confluence of the rivers, known as Point of Fork, contains at least six National Register of Historic Places-eligible archaeological sites and is the final resting places of Monacan ancestors.

The James River Water Authority (JRWA), a joint venture of Louisa and Fluvanna Counties, plans to build a water pumping facility on the Point, disturbing Monacan burials and destroying the site. Though the Monacan Indian Nation has proposed alternative locations, JRWA contends that the Rassawek site is more economical.

Send a letter to the Louisa and Fluvanna Counties Board of Supervisors, urging the Supervisors to require the JRWA to choose an alternative location that saves Rassawek.

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