Tell the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration: Protect This Historic African American Cemetery

Morningstar Tabernacle No. 88 Order of Moses Cemetery and Hall were established in 1885 alongside a post-Emancipation Black settlement known as Gibson Grove. Residents, some of whom had been formerly enslaved, established a local benevolent society to care for the sick and destitute, bury the deceased, and provide overall support to the local Black community. 

In the 1960s, the Capital Beltway surrounding Washington, D.C. was built adjacent to the site and physically divided the existing Black community. Now the State of Maryland is planning to further expand this highway, potentially resulting in further damage to the cemetery and relocation of individuals buried there.

Send a letter to the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, urging them to ensure that any highway expansion avoids the Morningstar Moses Cemetery and Hall site so that this special place is not impacted again.

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